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Fruity Matcha

by The Good Boys Juice And Coffee Bar


4.67 (3)

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19 March 2020
Just what I needed on a hot day!

Blend of mango, banana, matcha, spinach (seaweed taste!) with almond milk, topped with berries and many crunch! $12

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10 July 2020
The Fruity Matcha Super Bowl ($12) consisted of a blend of matcha, mango, banana, pineapple,

spinach, and almond milk, which was topped with granola, fruits, and seeds. The smoothie bowl was lusciously thick and creamy, the matcha flavour was not overpowering, and the serving size was generous compared to many other eateries in Singapore.

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24 January 2021
So so nice.

This makes for an amazing refreshing lunch. a beautiful blend of fruits, spinach and matcha, and topped off with more fruits, house-made granola, mixed seeds and toasted coconut flakes. Layers upon layers of...

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