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Mushroom Noodles

by The Deck


3.80 (5)

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14 January 2020
Marinated sweet-savoury shiitake mushroom slices with fresh, crisp lettuce, beansprouts, mee kia (flat noodles)

and a light umami mushroom noodle base :’) The auntie & uncle were generous with the shiitake! Only $2.30 :3 #nuseats

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18 February 2020
The aunty was very cute and friendly so i decided to get this from her.

But the veggies weree just lettuce so I had to get tempeh and greens from the muslim stall to make it more nutritious for me

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9 February 2020
Only $2.30 and comes w a $0.40 Fave discount!!

Quite a generous portion and flavourful but could do w more protein I Guess

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25 January 2020
This dish comes with shiitake mushrooms, lettuce and bean sprouts with a noodle of your

choice. Not sure what the noodle sauce is made of exactly but it’s a little bland compared to the non-veg sauce. Usually $2.30 but right now there’s a ‘meat lite movement’ in NUS so you can get a 40cent discount on all plant based dishes if you pay with fave pay so it’s super worth it:)

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3 February 2020
Slightly disappointing :-( Was expecting it to be more umami because of the mushrooms but

the sauce didn't have much flavour. Requested for extra vinegar to bring out the taste but think they missed it out. Super cheap though at less than $2.50!!

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