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  • Chicken Cutlet Dry Noodle
  • Chicken Cutlet Dry Noodle

Chicken Cutlet Dry Noodle

by The Clef Cafe


4.07 (3)

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21 April 2020
Pardon for the messy presentation because I realised I haven't took the pic when

I've started eating...so the noodles weren't very dry as there's some soy sauce making up for it. Quite a generous portion of "chicken" cutlet, some of it were out of pic (there's even more). Overall about 8.5/10.

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30 June 2020
The noodles had really good texture, probably because it was handmade in-house!

Chicken had quite a distinct mock meat taste, but was crispy and still decent. The chili really gave the dish a kick.

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3 August 2020
The noodles were spicy and bouncy, with crunchy "lard" pieces sprinkled on top.

The two lightly battered "chicken" cutlets reminded me of luncheon meat patties / spam fries.

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