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Cinnamon Roll Waffle

by The Buzz Coffee & Cafe


4.47 (3)

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16 August 2018
This cinnamon roll waffle is the best waffle I have ever had in my entire

life! A friend and I shared that and the apple crisp waffle, which was also delicious! Super friendly staff :) #roosterredemption

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27 September 2021
Easily one of the top best waffles I’ve ever had.

The cream cheese cinnamon roll stuff on top was phenomenal and I got strawberries on top for some healthiness and extra flavor. Good size portion and would definitely get again.

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19 July 2018
I don’t normally like waffles very much, but the Cinnamon Roll Waffle was incredible.

Rich and filling. A wonderful, decadent breakfast! #roosterredemption

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