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  • Nasi Ulam Rice Bowl
  • Nasi Ulam Rice Bowl

Nasi Ulam Rice Bowl

by The Breakfast Club SG


4.00 (2)

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12 January 2022
These photos were 2 versions of their nasi ulam from different visits last year.

Only if you're into raw veg tasting dish, you might be into this. Love their vibe and what they stands for but unfortunately after rebranded, it costs too much to dine in now 🥺 #locallysourced #organic

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9 May 2021
Inspired by herb rice salads in North Malaysia and South Thailand, The Breakfast Club gave

this dish a local twist with a special pesto sauce homemade using curry leaves, sunflower seeds, gula melaka, and himalayan pink salt. After mixing a dollop of this creamy green sauce with the organic brown rice and assorted raw vegetables, the resulting herb rice salad was aromatic with lots of exotic flavours. Might not be palatable to people who have never really eaten raw vegetables though.

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