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Kind Sushi

by The Breakfast Club SG


4.47 (3)

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27 October 2021
The “sashimi” looking sushi is actually made from papaya! This was one of the reasons

why I wanted to try TBC’s Kind Sushi. The sushi rice was amazing! It was just the right amount of stickiness and was very fragrant and...

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17 July 2022
Japanese brown rice seasoned with apple cider vinegar, not as sticky as traditional sushi rice

but healthier since they're wholegrains. Topped with tofu tamago, papaya tuna, and ponzu mushrooms. They didn't really taste like egg or sashimi, but made for a unique whole-food plant-based rendition of...

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4 November 2021
I really enjoyed every bite of these!

So happy I got to try them. Will certainly be ordering more.

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