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The Botanic Plate

by The Botanic (Temporarily Closed)


4.00 (7)

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12 May 2019
This felt more like a bunch of sides thrown together on a plate than a

"main". The tofu and eggplant were repeated from the entree and also cooked the same way! Pumpkin was seasoned with a little too much spices which overpowered its natural...

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4 August 2019
Very healthy tasting and flavorful dish!

Many different ingredients. I thought I would still feel hungry after eating this, but nope, it's quite filling for me.

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1 November 2019
Colorful but not a plate where I can finish all items.

Tad pricey for my simple taste #crf

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9 June 2019
This is a really nice plate and enough for a meal if you’d go

on your own. And of course excellent for sharing!

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3 February 2020
Really liked most things in this plate of grilled tofu, quinoa tabbouleh, smoked eggplant, cassava

chips, sauerkraut, and pickles. The grilled tofu was well done, and the pickled ginger tasted like those served at sushi restaurants! Don't think the individual elements came together to be anything more than the sum of its parts though.

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12 January 2020
I bought this as part of a lunch set which comes with a small side

and beverage. According to the staff, it’s the same of the ala carte botanic plate. It’s pretty filling despite not looking like it.

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21 November 2019
Half of the bowl is pickled and quite flavourful.

Overall, it's quite light and crunchy, and could use a bit more creamy ingredients.

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