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Chicken & Waffles

by The Beer Plant


4.30 (4)

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4 July 2021
I REALLY liked this.

I would give it 5 stars but the app calculated it that way bc I scored it as average for originality and nutrition. But the execution was on point and I thoroughly enjoyed. Delicious!

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30 August 2020
The chicken was really good, im not a huge fan of seitan chicken but

even my non vegan members liked it! The waffles were absolutely delicious and I had to fight my sister for them!

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18 July 2020
preferred the older version of this where the vegan chicken isn't smothered in any

sauce :(

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9 July 2019

Love how they dipped the chicken in buffalo sauce. The waffles were perfectly crispy and paired it with the whiskey maple syrup. The seitan worked perfectly as chicken and I went with 3 other non-...

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