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Hazelnut Ang Ku Kueh

by The Ang Ku Kueh Hut


4.60 (3)

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23 October 2021
#VeganIsNotScary #165

Happened to see this shop interviewed by Straits Times! Checked and confirmed they are Vegan Friendly 🥳🥳🥳

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15 April 2022
Crunchy & tasty hazelnut filling with a bit of cocoa powder — this combi was not

too sweet! $1.80. The skin is very oily even for akk but it’s so soft & chewy like mochi :‘) #angkukueh #kueh

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16 October 2022
Premium price coz of the ingredients, but honestly not great.

Peanut would’ve sufficed for me personally, the filling just wasn’t enough oomph

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7 September 2021
I’m not a fan of chocolate but this is pretty good!!

It’s like an akk version of ferroro rocher.

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