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  • Animal snack pack

Animal snack pack

by Temple of Seitan


4.00 (4)

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11 October 2021
Overall I enjoyed everything together but it would have been nice to have more of

the burger sauce on there, for loaded fries it felt like there wasn’t a lot. I’m not sure what the meaty looking stuff is either, it was supposed to have bacon in there but even though it tasted good it didn’t taste like bacon #day11 #veganisnotscary

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6 October 2021
These are described as fries loaded with cheese, onions, pickles, bacon and burger sauce.

I wouldn’t class these as loaded, I’d say it was more of a drizzle however they were still enjoyable. I also couldn’t taste or see any bacon. We did end up mixing the rest of my friends bbq sauce in with them once we got through the top sauce as they where just plain chips...

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16 November 2021
This was very tasty but for me personally I found the brown sauce element too

overpowering and couldn't finish it all, would have also liked slightly more pickle

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