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  • Mushroom Noodles Mee Kia
  • Mushroom Noodles Mee Kia

Mushroom Noodles Mee Kia

by Tanaka Vegetarian (田中素食)


4.20 (3)

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26 February 2021
Reasonably price and good for a simple meal.

They give plenty of mushrooms and ‘cha siew’ :) #abillionlove

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7 July 2019
My personal favourite noodle type to pair with the dish.

More springy in every bite!

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6 July 2021
Mushroom Noodles ($3.50)

Maybe it’s cos we dabao-ed, but it wasn’t very good 🙂 & I might be biased cos I’m not a fan of mee kia/ mee pok 😅

** also PSA: do bring your own container to dabao!! these are my reused plastic containers 😀 they charge 30cents for every container so save your $$ & save the...

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