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  • Bak Chor Mee (Minced meat noodles)
  • Bak Chor Mee (Minced meat noodles)

Bak Chor Mee (Minced meat noodles)

by Tanaka Vegetarian (田中素食)


4.03 (7)

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9 July 2021
One of the few Chinese noodle dishes I can finish lol, usually not a fan

of them 🤨 a big reason is because the noodles are flavourful and hard enough. (I eat with less chili) Other than that the fish balls and minced meat are pretty average. But a tip is to order the noodle base and ask to add on the vegetarian fish, it’s a bit cheaper and superrrr...

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25 February 2021
No meat but still full of flavor :) This place is super crowded during lunchtime

but the food’s not bad :)

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8 November 2020
this was not bad!

was interested in trying out a vegan bak chor mee, and this one had a mix of mock meats and mushrooms. average-ish taste

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17 May 2020
Sauce for the noodles was flavourful and the noodles did not taste overcooked despite being

takeaway. Generous with serving of soy based toppings

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1 February 2020
It looks quite dry and plain but the noodles were surprisingly flavorful :) The place

also serves many other local food for a very reasonable price.

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12 November 2021
I love mee pok and often buy from Tanakan.

I always change the noodles to mee pok. I like the noodles though not a huge fan of the minced meat. The minced meat has a strange...

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22 April 2022
The veg meat tastes quite fake but love their noodles :) (okay I love mee

pok in general)

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