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  • Crispy Chick'n Original Sandwich
  • Crispy Chick'n Original Sandwich

Crispy Chick'n Original Sandwich



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3 April 2022
This is a great chick’n sandwich!

It comes topped with dill pickles, lettuce, and vegan mayo. The chick’n’s texture and taste are perfect!

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3 May 2021
Wow, unreal how tasty this sandwich is!

I'm excited to try their other chikn sandwiches in the future! Crispy and simple with lettuce, pickles, and mayo. #abillionturns3 #minnesota

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30 April 2021
Stalk and Spade is brand-new, all vegan fast food restaurant in Wayzata.

This sandwich is AMMAAAZZZIINNGGG!!! If you miss fast food chicken or fish sandwiches, these vegan options will more than fill that craving. The breaded chick'n is super crispy and flaky and the sauce is so delicious- absolute perfection!

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8 June 2021
This place is a vegan dream come true.

I got the chicken sandwich with fries and a vegan milkshake and I was in heaven!!!

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30 October 2022
A bit heavy on the mayo for me, but I really dug the chikn

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