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Spinach Quiche

by Sprout Plant Based Fusion


4.73 (3)

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17 December 2021
I LOVE the quiches here.

Also because this is probably the first few quiches I’ve had since going vegan…which is a long time now.

We actually bought this to go for our Fraser Hill trip which was a great shout because there wasn’t really much there that was vegan… #veganisnotscary #plantpowered

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19 October 2021
Sprout expanded their #quiche range some time ago and #spinach is one of the newer

options. Same excellent crusty shell and eggless base, but I do prefer the chunkier profile and more eclectic flavour mix of the leek and mushroom, say.

Great to have Sprout in BV for when you're peckish, #veganisnotscary 🙌

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29 March 2021
Like this quiche.

The texture was unusual. Was it vegan cheese or taufoo based. I enjoyed...

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