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Chick'n & Waffles

by Sprout Plant Based Fusion


3.80 (2)

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16 November 2021
Cousin brought me here as part of my birthday lunch a couple of weeks ago.

When I ordered this I was expecting a waffle that was twice in size but I guess this’ll do. Some of the chicken pieces were also a little tough but once doused in maple syrup the dish was all good and really came together! #veganisnotscary

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30 September 2021
Sprout aren't on GrabFood so I have no idea how they pulled through FMCO

😬 I was thrilled, though, to return to find an expanded menu: More reviews 😁

This was one of the new items, a #friedchicken and #waffles combination with a decent-sized pot of #maplesyrup on the side and more powdered sugar thrown on top for good measure 😋 The waffles were decent without being outstanding, but the #chickn had an unpleasant gooey texture on the inside, as if someone had undercooked Gardein 😔 Serving size isn't massive overall, so RM23 is probably just about the max I'd be comfortable to pay for this.

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