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Deez Ain't Gator Bites

by Souley Vegan


4.87 (3)

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10 October 2020
My hubby and I both thought this was our favorite dish from Souley Vegan.

It obviously isn't meant to be healthy, but it is delicious! Very nostalgic for me because I grew up in Florida and loved eating gator as a kid. I've actually been on the search for vegan gator bites for a while so I was ecstatic when I found...

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12 December 2021
Either mushroom or spicy sausage, super !

Great crust and green ranch #veganisnotscary

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17 January 2021
This appetizer was really good.

The filling seems to be a combination of hot links and mushrooms, although I would have preferred if it had more mushrooms. It came with swamp sauce to dip them in which was flavorful and tangy.

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