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  • Watermelon poke bowl

Watermelon poke bowl

by Soul Alife


4.93 (6)

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22 April 2020
A new creation!

This portion was huuuuge! I had to sit down , take 45 minutes to eat it! I eat nutritious food real slowly which is really good because i usually eat super fast .. high metabolism things

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4 June 2020
wasn’t sure what to expect because I’ve never tasted poké before.

this was yummy! the watermelon wasn’t mushy, but wasn’t crunchy like typical watermelons as well (which would be pretty strange I feel, when combined with a savoury taste). a big portion, was full even before...

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1 June 2020
The watermelon-poke was seasoned to perfection (even if the texture is not as soft/chewy

like real raw tuna). The portions are generous, and it was a delightfully fresh and nutritious meal!

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27 December 2020
The vegan watermelon poke bowl cost $12.90.

There was a rainbow of assorted vegetables such as avocado, carrot, and corn, which came served with the fluffy and sticky Calrose brown rice. I was impressed by the marinated watermelon 'raw tuna' cubes as they were intensely red, soft, and savoury!

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24 April 2020
really HEALTHY!!

Brown Rice, Watermelon 'tuna' poke, Seasoned seaweed, Avocado, Edamame, Corn, Carrot, Purple Cabbage, Nori, Ponzu dressing. All-in-one👍

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31 August 2020
Very delicious.

Enjoyed this very much! Very interesting how the watermelon can be made savory!

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