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Soul Spicy Rice

by Soul Alife


4.26 (7)

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8 October 2019
Wholegrain fried rice with corn, carrots shreds, edamame, mushrooms and walnuts.

As a spicy food lover I didn’t find this spicy at all and had to add A LOT of cayenne pepper and chilli flakes. The fried rice is also a little sweet.

Won’t order this again but definitely would like to try other things in their...

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30 April 2020
i like the wholegrain brown and red rice and the spicy sauce!!

anything w spiciness goes well together HAHAHHAHAH😆btw some ppl like my dad may not like the rice as he's not used to eating those kinds of grains well i guess it depends on personal preference then heheh🤪

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31 August 2020
Spicyness level is still manageable, pricing is decent for a restaurant.

Portion is quite alot actually with the variety of veggies in it.

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28 April 2020
got this for dad but he doesn’t like it bcos he said that he

doesn’t like quinoa... but it was brown rice. I m confusé

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15 April 2019
Generally the taste was pretty good but a bit pricy for the ingredients used.

The almonds were generous but almost too much as it got quite overwhelming after a while.

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7 November 2019
Soul spicy rice comprises of wholegrain brown and red rice with edamame, corns, tomato and

mushroom sauteed with spicy sauce. It's actually not spicy. It is another healthy...

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23 November 2020
Come back to try for the other dishes!

Guess I’ll come back quite often! 😋 portion is huge and I like how just nice for the level of spiciness 🌶 they are using wholegrain brown + red rice with edamame, corns, mushroom sauteed with spicy sauce, and garnish with crushed walnuts !

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