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Spicy Suppli Romani

by Sora Lella Vegan Roman Restaurant


4.85 (4)

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10 December 2020
This was an absolutely delicious starter from a 100% vegan Italian restaurant in Edinburgh.

So creamy, crispy and savoury, filled with rice, veggies and mozzarella. Loved the dip too

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14 March 2020
This was a delicious starter, it was SO savoury!

Spicy rice balls fried with a lovely breadcrumb outer layer, and a really interesting creamy dip that had an eggy flavour #huntsabs

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8 January 2020
we started our dinner with suppli and we knew then we are up for a

treat. Packed with flavour.

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30 August 2021
I got the suppli romani with spicy mayo as a starter at Sora Lella for

my birthday at the weekend.

They were basically just like arancini but a different shape. They were really tasty, very tomatoey and...

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