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  • Vegetariano combo

Vegetariano combo

by Sol Food


4.73 (3)

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24 October 2018
This dish is so tasty! It is the only vegan dish here, but you

won't regret ordering it. The beans, rice, and fried sweet plantains pair together so well, it's definitely a party in your mouth. It's a dish I can see myself eating every day. Don't forget to pile on the hot sauce too, it's tasty as well and not too spicy that it overwhelms. Hopefully they'll add another vegan item to the menu. But, just glad to see a restaurant that doesn't cook beans and rice in animal fat!


Always a classic! So great to have if the most popular restaurants in Marin have

wondERFUL vegan options! I always get the pink beans and half and half plantains. Beware! The rice is addictive. I love this dish and I recommend pairing it with the limeade!

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