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Vegan Cheeseburger

by Soet Society Café


3.88 (5)

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17 June 2021
Saw this on abillionveg and decided to get a take-away since I was in

the area. Overall really tasty and the chips were exactly how I like them. It was too oily and could do with less onion but that’s a personal preference.

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5 April 2021
Absolutely loved this burger despite it being a little oily from the pesto.

This burger was massive as well so the R105 was well worth it.

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18 January 2021
A delicious burger made with beans and beetroot, topped with aubergine, pesto, hummus and divine

vegan cheese #veganuary

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26 September 2020
What a delicious burger with beetroot, aubergine and pesto

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19 March 2021
A little dissapointing.

Very little to no flavour. Nice bun flavour. Patty is ok not bad for a been...

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