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18 January 2021
vegan tofu 'egg', sausages, beans, hash brown, toast and mushrooms! the perfect western all day

breakfast i could ask for heheh😋

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My omni sis says the look & skin of the sausage are v realistic though

the taste isn’t exactly like meat sausages. The shiitake were big and juicy, tater tots were crispy and bread was v crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside after toasting. The tofu-based ‘egg’ didn’t really taste like egg but you can add your own black salt for that eggy flavour if you have! :) #abillionturns3

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The good: Truffle tater tots and mushrooms were very delicious and well-seasoned.

The not so

good: vegan sausages and tofu egg were kind of underwhelming. The sausages tasted a bit weird/synthetic and the tofu egg was more like a smashed turmeric tau kwa.

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Fantastic brunch for a British Vegan 👏🏻. They ran out of hash browns so they

gave me sweet potato fries. Honestly feel like sweet potato fries on a brekki is an upgrade. Sausages were yum, kinda reminded me of hotdogs but I liked that. Just wish there were more beans as that my favourite part of a cooked breakfast.

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Onion pancake it was so different than what we taste outside
Here you can find meatless

big breakfast that I was searching for so long
They also have different taste of pan crush pizza
The most unique drink was Tumeric Latte
But it just a bit sweet
They also selling ice cream and non baked cheese cake too!!!

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I love me some breakfast foods, so I’m constantly on the lookout for vegan versions

of it! Absolutely loved this breakfast platter from smoocht 😍 super generous with the tater tots, but they could be a wee bit more generous with the tofu scramble heh.

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Made the trip all the way west and had brunch at 7pm cause they were

out of their burgers :/ The food was okay, but it did also match to the closest thing to a full English I’ve had in a long time

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The portion is really big, just as its name. I managed to finish it during

my lunch break. The sausage has a light taste, not those mock meat with artificial flavourings.. recommend if you are very hungry

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