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Make your own Salad

by Simply Wrapps


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13 December 2020
Make your own salad @simplywrappscafe for 8.90sgd. Veges base + 6 toppings. See one of

my 2 photos posted for foodie and dressings details 😋 I had chosen edamame, madarin orange, tofu, peanut, olive and chickpea for toppings. Also seasme ginger sauce (contain garlic). #veganin2020

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18 July 2022
Wow!!!! I love salad 🥗 and this had so much greens it felt like eating

grass. Super duper healthy. Standard 6 toppings for $9.50, I topped up $1.50 extra for delicious nutritious spinach. Was worth it! And in fact only paid $1 in the end because I redeemed $10 of HPB vouchers. I had pasta, quinoa, olives, edamame, alfalfa and beetroot. All very healthy wholesome stuff and I got sauces that do not contain dairy and mayo as listed on their counter, it was tropical mint I think and something else. It wasn't the most fantastic salad I had but very nice and healthy and I felt good eating so much spinach, so much iron! I was not that full after the salad, but I had had a heavy lunch and didn't want to eat too much. They also gave disposable cornstarch utensils and it would've been better to use reusables since these are still single use. 🥗

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