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Hor Fun

by SHU Vegetarian


4.13 (8)

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15 February 2021
I LOVED the Hor Fun in here.

I’ve had some vegetarian ones before in the past but they don’t fry up the noodles part as much with flavour like this place does it. Also good amount of veggies 🥬 #abillionlove

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7 February 2022
Can't recall much of the taste, peekture circa 2020 😅

Could only surmise that it can't be too shabby to survive in my gallery for that long a period

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18 July 2022
This hor fun was awesome!

In the words of Nick Cave from the Birthday Party, “She’s Hit”!

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18 December 2020
If you’re a fan of hor fun this is probably great.

I still can’t get on board with the gloopy texture though so it’s a no from me. Nice savoury flavours though and lots of veggies and noodles #veganin2020

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25 May 2020
tried the hor fun at the amk outlet too but this seems to have a

greater variety of ingredients that are non- processed which is great

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3 May 2022
Grateful for this delicious vegetarian Hor Fun….I love a good zhichar dish any time.

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10 January 2023
This is excellent

The wok hei hit the right note

Well done to the chef

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22 March 2020
Has a strong and yummy wok-hey taste.

Great dish that I will reorder in future.

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