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  • Chilli Monkey Head Mushroom

Chilli Monkey Head Mushroom

by SHU Vegetarian


4.37 (6)

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12 June 2021
One of me favs to get at SHU, thanks @amindfulmiao for the recommendation!

Good portion of actual Monkeyhead mushrooms to veg ratio. Honestly not spicy and more on the sweeter side

FYI this place accepts CASH...

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27 May 2021
Another take-away on Vesak Day.

One of my favorite sauce.. Kong Pau style. Even though there's some dried chili for the heat, it's quite sweet and savory. #abillionturns3

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18 May 2021
Chinese comfort food!

Sweet and sour, mildly spicy and satisfying to chew, this dish is perfect on its own or with a bowl of rice. It was a generous portion and came with lots of fresh vegetables. Thanks to @amindfulmiao for ordering!

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15 January 2020
Monkeyhead mushroom might be my fave mushroom ever.

Really good flavours, almost wanted to stuff my face with this!

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4 May 2021
Mmmm these chilli monkey heads were amazing!

Nice adhesive sauce to soak up with a rice dish too (which we obviously did!) thoroughly recommend! #abillionturns3

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4 January 2020
A mildly spicy dish which was infused with Flavors that will not disappoint.

The mushrooms and diced vegetables were not only a visual treat but also a gustatory delight.

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27 January 2023
Nice sauce accompanied with chunks of monkeyhead mushrooms.

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