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  • Mushroom Buckwheat Soba

Mushroom Buckwheat Soba

by Shimbashi Soba (Paragon)


4.50 (4)

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1 February 2021
A very nice soba with tonnes of mushrooms and tasty broth.

Would order again!

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27 January 2018
It’s so amazing to see that my favorite soba place in Singapore just expanded their

veg menu and have 5 types of vegan soba dishes! The mushroom buckwheat soba is my favorite. They mill Tasmanian buckwheat on-site and it’s really cool to watch the soba masters making noodles in the front of the...

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12 November 2021
Nice soba, could have done with more mushroom flavours but overall the soba are really

nice so it saves the dish #veganisnotscary

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18 March 2018
light, healthy and delicious bowl of freshly made soba noodles.

will definitely come back for more.

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