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  • Black Mushroom Gnocchi
  • Black Mushroom Gnocchi

Black Mushroom Gnocchi

by Second Story - Sandton City


4.53 (3)

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14 May 2022
Special visit just to try this after seeing it reviewed
Thank you @kimmartin for your

post , I am a big gnocchi fan
Incredibly good gnocchi , loved the black mushrooms with it , the pesto was subtle and not overpowering, could not fault this dish
Really generous serving R135
Loved that the vegan dishes had its own section so no confusion , a really large interesting selection of vegan options , always great when you enjoy a place and can visit again to try others dishes
Best part they even have vegan cake 😀

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This restaurant has a great selection of plant based/vegan meals. The Gnocchi was pillowy

soft and they infused so much flavour in the black mushrooms. The portion was nice and generous. I would highly recommend.

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Ooh, this taste good 🤩🤤 thank you @ftc, I had 2 servings and 1 more

serving left for lunch tomorrow …yay!!💃 loved the flavours. 🌱🖤

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