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Aglio Olio

by Saute-San


4.13 (3)

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20 January 2021
It is interesting to try on Aglio Olio without garlic. The pasta was nicely cooked,

the texture of the spaghetti is fine too. The taste is good even without garlic. Appreciate the variety of the veggies in the pasta.

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as a big fan of pasta, i really enjoy this aglio olio as it is

vegan and healthy, although a little highly priced but it is recommended for people who love western cuisines and pasta, and the delicious taste stays in my mouth for a long time as well

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Nice aglio olio dish. I like how it comes with a variety of ingredients -

mushrooms, vegan bacon, cherry tomatoes and peppers. No garlic so feel something is missing though. Added some Veganz nuts for more flavour and protein. Feel it's overpriced at $14.90, their already high prices seem to have gone up even more.

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