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by SaladStop! @Capital Tower


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25 February 2023
I never followed that #valentinesday lunch post https://www.abillion.com/reviews/63eb152649ceba4bff2a0a3d with what @m1tch9i and I had for

dinner before the concert; A wonderful #saladbowl of course! It comes with a “#teriyaki fable”, #cauliflowerrice, kale 🥬, edamame, chickpeas 🫘, cherry tomatoes 🍅, cucumber 🥒, grapes 🍇, seeds, and all topped with #tahini 🙌 The bits of #falafel in there were a top up for some little extra #protein 🤭 For S$15.5 I think it’s an alright portion and mix, but I found the #fakemeat - apparently some kind of #mushroom, was a little too meaty in texture for me to feel comfortable with at a non-vegan establishment 😅

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30 April 2021
Yes, This is a salad and it had

Cauliflower rice, kale, super protein patty, grapes, edamame, chickpeas, cucumber, lime wedge, cashew mint + asparagus (got an extra veggie as took my own box)


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