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  • Macaroni pie

Macaroni pie

by Rose & Grant's Deli Cafe


3.45 (4)

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15 March 2019
Rose and Grants has some amazing vegan options 😍 including the fist homemade Scottish square

sausage (amazing) and some cracking pies including bbq pulled jackfruit and macaroni


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27 July 2020
Absolutely loved this pie, not very cheesy but the taste was lovely and was much

lighter than I thought it would be. Delicious 10/10

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15 July 2021
Sadly this was super dry and had been microwaved so was soggy.

The pasta itself was nice but I was really looking forward to this and was a little disappointed. Hopefully just an off day

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26 April 2021
This wasn’t great tbh, ketchup helps- it was dry and boring... if

it was saucier it’d be better, and flakier or crisper pastry.

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