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  • Cheese & Bacon Burger
  • Cheese & Bacon Burger

Cheese & Bacon Burger

by Roots Aberdeen


4.80 (4)

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19 July 2020
Omg I love roots, amazing food.

The bacon is the best and who doesn't love a beyond burger. Great seaside fare

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21 March 2020

Just like a Big Mac but without the murder of innocent animals.

Delicious Beyond Meat patty, vegan cheese, vegan bacon and a creamy dill ‘Big Mac’ style sauce.

These guys are an independent small business, and it feels great supporting...

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1 April 2020
First Roots by the beach experience 🌱 Accompanied with rosemary truffle fries - I’m hooked

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22 March 2020
Oh my god this is so delicious but so messy to eat 😂 good portion,

love the pickles in it #willows

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