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Cauliflower Taco

by Raw Kitchen Bar


4.45 (4)

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1 January 2021
$16 for a plate of two tacos!

Bursting with flavors because of the dukkah, soy crème, fried garlic, jalapeño, purple slaw, black sesame & corn tortilla. I had the black sesame tortilla and I'm a big fan!

Previously tucked in Bukit Timah, RKB reopened in November now in Kampong Bugis, pretty much where Camp Kilo...

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28 March 2021
These tacos were really expensive given they were just a few florets in the tacos,

with a little bit of sauce + some purple cabbage :/

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16 August 2021
Tacos to die for!

They were absolutely perfect. Delicious combination of cauliflower and the herbs. #veganeverafter

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28 May 2022
Other than the taco skin, everything was great!

I love how they roasted the cauliflower, and the condiments that went with it in the taco. Yummy!

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2 July 2021
really cool accidental vegan finds at a discrete spot!

the soy creme sauce was toooo on point

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