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Curry Laksa

by Puti Vegan Cafe


4.72 (5)

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21 August 2021
Oh my word… Such a beautiful big bowl of spiced coconutty curry soup with noodles

and LOADS of veggies and tofu puffs. The broth was flavoured so nicely (it could have been even more salty for my taste but I am an absolute salt demon) and the portion size was huge. The veggie selection was great - fancy mushrooms, cabbage, baby corn… and the tofu pieces were perfect little sponges that sucked up all the...

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6 September 2021
Have been wanting to try this vegan Malaysia restaurant for so long!

Laksas one of my favourite dishes and something I'm always too lazy to make myself! Massive serving and really tasty!

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26 May 2020
This dish was really tasty and the perfect amount of spice.

The noodles were well cooked and it was loaded with so much tofu and vegetables. It was such a big bowl I struggled to finish it!

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30 March 2020
Honestly, probably one of the best vegan dishes I have ever had.

The taste is phenomenal and the staff is absolutely lovely. I 100% recommend this vegan restaurant. Please support it!

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31 August 2020
This ramen type dish was phenomenal.

So coconuty, creamy and full of spices. Big chunks of tofu, and lots of veggies and noodles! Couldn’t even finish it the portion was so big, so took it home in a container to eat later 😍

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