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The Seaspiracy One

by Purezza - Vegan Pizza Camden


4.29 (9)

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6 June 2022
Overall it was pretty tasty with a lovely base, lots of cheese, and it did

have some nice flavours but I didn’t get much from the tuna. I probably wouldn’t have never guessed it was meant to replicate tuna if I didn’t know beforehand

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4 June 2022
We ordered this because it sounded super interesting with the tuna, however sadly I couldn’t

taste much tuna or anything fishy. It was overall still a very enjoyable pizza and I enjoyed the white base and fresh flavourful veggies, it just needed to be a bit fishier.

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24 June 2022
Okay so this doesn't taste reeeaally like tuna but it's delish anyway!

Lovely combination and very fresh with tomatoes and red onions

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15 June 2021
I've wanted to try this special for a while - I donate all my ABillionVeg

money to Sea Shepherd, so I wanted to try this one dish that gives all profits to Sea Shepherd for everyone that orders it. It was nice, but my preference is still for the Parmigiana Party Pizza just based on the taste.

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17 November 2022
The dough and mozzarella in Purezza is really TOP.

This is not my favourite pizza though- maybe if they used Nori on this it would taste more like the sea?

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6 August 2021
Ordered by a non vegan who was blown away with it, and even better that

all profits are donated to sea shepherd!

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27 June 2021
This is a temporary addition to the menu with all profits going to Sea Shepherd.

My non-vegan friend really liked it!

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21 October 2022
Sadly there wasn't enough tuna on this pizza and I couldn't really taste

it. But it was still delicious, especially the yellow tomatoes.

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