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  • Vegan Pakora Chickpea Waffle
  • Vegan Pakora Chickpea Waffle

Vegan Pakora Chickpea Waffle

by Proud Mary


5.00 (2)

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7 November 2022
Proud mary has really put a lot of thought into their vegan dishes and are

constantly working on new ones. This was delicious.

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This was my favourite meal of the morning 🥰😍🥰
The flavours were so exciting and couldn’t

have been more perfect
I am not usually a waffle person and this was not my selection but oh my word it was “Simply the best “
The tofu scramble was perfection itself

All in all our breakfast was one of the best ever

An added value to meal was the delightful plates the meals were served on, so colourful and creative , this was really appreciated and the thoughtful process did not go unnoticed

Can’t wait to visit again and try out all the other exciting meals

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