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Butter Chicken

by Prashad Cafe & Spices Constantia


4.32 (5)

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1 December 2021
LOVE THIS DISH! Made with mock chicken but tastes exactly like traditional butter chicken! Comes

with rice and sambals. Locally owned and the shop also sells vegan and vegetarian products like spices and tofu. Can’t recommend enough!

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Best vegan curry spot! Portions are generous and the food is so delicious. The mock

chicken tastes so real.

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This left me speechless. It was insanely good! The “chicken” pieces (@onthegreenside) were delicious and

the sauce was incredible! I’d highly recommend this. #butterchicken #veganchicken #mockmeat #indian #curry

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Favourite regular Indian take out. The butter chicken is amazing. Also shown plated is the

Palak paneer and Mushroom Kadai. Wonderful staff too. Vegan and vegetarian. Options.

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This sadly didn't disappear as fast as the other dishes I've had from Prashad.


chicken tasted a bit slimy and raw to me and the curry sauce wasn't morerish as I'd hoped.

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