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July Platter

by Plushi


4.75 (4)

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6 July 2021
This sushi is out of this world!!!

Amazing taste as it’s nice to have some variety in vegan sushi.

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2 August 2021
The most beautifully prepared vegan sushi I’ve seen - the entire meal was a curated

experience … from the presentation of each individual morsel, to the packaging and the extra sauces. Ordered some extra veg spring rolls and it was ample for 3 people. Only downside is the cost … but definitely worth a special occasion treat.

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5 August 2021
This beautiful platter also came as a gluten-free option.

Best sushi ever!

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4 July 2022
Incredibly delish and super creative presentation, attention to detail and ambiance created by thoughtful touches

like including a Spotify playlist. Best array of plant-based sushi I’ve had, wow! Quite expensive but worth it as a date or treat!

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12 September 2021
The BEST sushi!

I don’t eat sushi from any other restaurant - this platter was so perfectly made. The tofu crunch is always my favourite! The creamy Mayo and Thai sweet chili is perfection.

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