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by Planta Queen


4.80 (4)

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11 August 2021
The dish was PHENOMENAL!
Price was right on point.
So complex if you are a mushroom

lover this is heavenly. I went back the next day and ordered it again!!

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Probably the most delicious thing I've eaten in a restaurant in the past year. This

blew me away. So filling and just perfect in so many ways.

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This creamy mushroom pasta dish was so amazinggg. So rich and lots of different mushrooms.

Hard to believe it was vegan - tasted like a really good alfredo! Note I substituted the udon noodles with rice noodles to make it gf (gluten allergy). Can’t wait to go back and order again #blackgoat

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19 August 2021
This was a delicious dish at Planta Queen! Had almost a “creamy” like taste and

it was loaded with perfectly cooked mushrooms. This dish contains no seaweed for anyone with an allergy!

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