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Torched And Pressed Sushi

by PLANTA Queen | New York


4.67 (6)

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1 August 2021
I loved this sushi so much!

I can’t wait to come back and try other dishes! This restaurant really blew me away from start to finish! #sushi #nyc

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24 September 2021
Really great flavors!

I ask for it without the wasabi as it tends to overpower it. It’s very truffley so if you don’t like truffle I wouldn’t order. Truffle lovers would enjoy though!

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24 July 2022
Simply delicious!

I loved it. So much flavor in a small bite.

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22 March 2023
TORCHED PRESSED SUSHI (Avocado, Miso Truffle Glaze).

They were so tasty! I can eat a lot more pieces. It was my favorite thing from...

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28 March 2023
Then best vegan sushi ever and this particular one is my all time fav!

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