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  • Big breakfast burger
  • Big breakfast burger

Big breakfast burger

by Plant Cartel


3.70 (2)

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20 October 2018
If you want a vegan breakfast treat - this is it. The ultimate vegan burger.

has vegan bacon and egg, avo, vegan cheese and tomatoes with chilli mayo.
Really interesting. I didn’t love the egg and the bacon was interesting but honestly aside from the summer muffin for a healthy choice, I would order this again!
Highly recommend it!
#comfortfood #fastfood

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Loved the concept but overall wasnt the biggest fan of this. The 'egg' is made

out of tofu & way to think in my opinion. It made the whole thing dry & basically felt like i was just eating tofu. There wasnt a lot of sauce either. Its not horrible, but i was expecting a lot better #JAAN

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