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Chilli poppers

by Plant - Camps bay


3.80 (3)

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7 May 2022
The best jalapeno poppers I've had!

The jalapenos were plump and nicely #spicy (for a jalapeno), the cheeze gooey and the breading perfect. #reviewwithaview...

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19 December 2021
Nice poppers but not the best I had before.

The crumbs are a bit too thick for my taste.

The sauces were nice.

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3 February 2023
It is not often that you find vegan chilli poppers, so we are always excited

to stumble upon the latest incarnation of the treat😍 The presentation was a bit haphazard - but very comfort foodesque! However, I did find that the jalapeños themselves were far too thick and overpowered the entire flavour. It was hard to actually eat these (way too spicy) and I had acid reflux for hours afterwards 🧐 The cheese filling was actually nice though and the sauces were top notch.

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