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  • Ikan Penyet

Ikan Penyet

by Piore


4.10 (2)

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17 August 2022
Interesting Indonesian dish I have not come across before. It's kinda like nasi lemak but

different. They only have it occasionally. Perhaps I'm so used to nasi lemak, I felt that while the dished were nice something was kinda lacking in this. Peanuts? Some kinda crunch? Asking for mock ikan bilis that doesn't usually come with this definitely helped. It is nasi lemak rice, and came with Chinese soup on the side. The tofu was cooked with turmeric and so was the mock fish. Interesting dish but I feel like there could've been something more. Sambal is bitter by itself but mixed with the rest, it tastes nice, in a way I didn't appreciate in the past. Sadly this nice cafe is gonna close in October, so do support them before then! #traditionalfood

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Piore serves the homeliest dishes! Managed to snag one of their daily specials - looks

unassuming, but truly packed a punch.

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