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Vegan Duck Noodles

by Pines Food Court


4.00 (3)

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16 October 2019
It tasted really good!

I loved the broth but I wish it was spicier

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27 December 2019
Didn't like this whoops.

Duck is gluten-based and lacks flavour. Noodles and sauce were decent though! The soup that came with this was tasteless for me but I heard friends saying that it's...

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25 September 2019
From the vegetarian stall, they gave quite a lot of noodles but it's a bit

oily and salty (I think you can ask the uncle/auntie to put less salt/oil) the uncle/auntie there is super friendly and the mock duck tastes and looks somewhat like real duck also it's rather affordable at $3 just that they didn't give a lot of veggies(Can add more veggies at extra cost I think)&

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