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  • Brioche ripiena alla crema

Brioche ripiena alla crema

by Pasticceria Caffetteria Larocca


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8 April 2023
Wow!!! Best choice ever!
The croissant was superb, I might even say the best I

have… in Lombardy at least 😂
it was filled with cream on demand 🥰 loads of it 😋 and that’s quite rare my friends 🙏

The coffe shop doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary from the outside, is located in a quiet area of town, but as long as you step inside you are greeted with a sincere warm welcome from its staff 😊 is always packed with people and vegan option are selling fast! So make sure to give them a call in advance to reserve some goodies 🤩

I will be back ☺️


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