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  • Vegan French toast

Vegan French toast

by One World Cafe


4.73 (3)

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25 May 2019
Delicious!!! Fresh fruit on top cost an extra $1. 3 pieces of toast with light

powdered sugar and I couldn’t help but devour the entire thing! So good and their menu has a lot of vegan dishes listed.

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I'll never forget this meal because it was one of the first few meals I

had immediately after I turned vegan and it was so delicious :')
I loved this cafe SO much because they had a veganized version of all the traditionally popular dishes and they made it super delicious and affordable. Wish I could go back there soon ☹️

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This is my GO TO meal for a yummy breakfast in Baltimore - You get

so much bang for your buck and it is SOOOOO yummy!!!! The french toast is basically indistinguishable from non vegan french toast!! Highly recommend!!!

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