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Almond Croissant

by Oh My Days Vegan Cafe


4.40 (7)

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13 November 2020
Vegan pastries from a complete vegan bakery — you may have come across their range at

other vegan cafes that stock them.

Flakey pastries and such a great range! I would prefer a greater filling/pastry ratio in my almond croissant but then again, I haven’t had too many to compare them with 🥐

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10 November 2020
Prefer their almond croissant over regular one.

The fillings is sweet and light, a delight to enjoy with the flakey croissant. The experience is worth the price.

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24 September 2021
Woooow this was my reaction when eating this croissant!

Crispy on the outside, super light and soft on the inside! I just loooved the oat milk custard!! It is super light and...

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7 January 2021
Great selection of vegan treats, however the almond croissant could have been heated up /

been fresher. Could tell it was a few days old / hard to cut. Yummy none the less!

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10 July 2020
Everything in the baked goods cabinet is incredible here, however their almond croissants really are

a standout pastry. They are perfectly flaky, and sweet, but not overly sugary. Pair one with a regular coffee for $8.80, you wont regret it!