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Curry Udon

by Obon Shokudo


4.95 (4)

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8 October 2022
Obon is an entirely vegan restaurant serving up “feel-good Japanese Comfort Food.” All of the

noodles they serve are handmade in house, and selecting locally sourced, sustainably grown produce over corporate organic is their priority. Obon has several different udon bowls to choose from, and this Curry Udon should satisfy any curry lover. 🍜 It includes their handmade udon noodles in house curry & a bit of shiitake dashi, topped with fried tofu, scallions, and kakiage (savory fritters comprised of onions, cabbage, and other seasonal...

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28 November 2022
Yummy handmade udon noodles sit in a curry and shiitake dashi broth with potatoes.

Topped with fried tofu, beautiful kakiage fritters, and scallions for color and zing.

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11 December 2020
This consisted of handmade udon noodles, potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms in a lively, pleasingly spicy

house curry broth containing a bit of shiitake dashi, topped with fried tofu and kakiage (savory fritter comprised of onions, cabbage and other seasonal ingredients). This is an ideal way to warm up on a cold day.

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9 November 2022
Hearty and healthy!

This dish had a minor, zesty kick, which, combined with the udon noodles and the tofu, made for a filing, heartwarming meal. If you’re truly famished though, I recommend tossing a side of brown rice into the soup. I always require a ton of calories, so this brown rice addition topped off the dish nicely.

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