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  • Xinghua Seaweed Fried Rice
  • Xinghua Seaweed Fried Rice

Xinghua Seaweed Fried Rice

by New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant


3.84 (5)

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21 April 2023
Xinghua Seaweed Fried Rice - Very flavourful eggless fried rice😋

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Delicious fried rice. Good amount of ingredients inside. Mixed vegetables, beansprouts seaweed straps. Also comes

with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, zhai er and a seaweed sheet at the bottom. Couldn't taste the seaweed inside that well but the seaweed sheet at the bottom kinda made up for it. Decent serving for 2 pax.

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Fragrant fried rice served on a large piece of seaweed (nice presentation though a little

hard to tear haha). Served with tomatoes, cucumber, and crispy 'goose' bits. Another simple but tasty dish! ($14 / M)

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Too bland for our liking. The seaweed was not good but nice presentation. I think

overall we were not too happy about the earlier dishes so kind of did not enjoy the subsequent dishes. Definitely not a place to be repeated by us out of choice.

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