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Roasted Chicken Rice

by Nature Cafe


4.27 (11)

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1 May 2019
Try the chilli, beancurd roll and rice separately first.

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27 November 2020
Crispy and "juicy" fried tofu skin, quite nice!

The white rice doesn't have much flavour but it goes well with the tangy chilli. The soup is very clear and peppery, nothing special. Decent dish for just $3.90!

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1 April 2019
After double checking and finally their response confirming the rice is vegan.. Am happy to

share this yummy chicken rice with you. I usually wouldn’t fork out more than $5 for a vegan chic rice cos can get delicious ones that are much cheaper.

I didn’t mind paying more for this though cos the beancurd chic is fried upon order so it’s all crispy and...

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1 August 2019
Vegan Chicken rice on the left was really yummy.

The chilli made it even better, with its lemony zest and spiciness. All In all the most affordable and most familiar food for me, a non a vege person #crf

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24 June 2019
Meh it was ok only imo.

Best part was the chilli, the “chicken” was just v dry taukee and the rice was just lemongrassy. Good w the curry udon sauce LOL. I like the soup

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1 August 2019
It’s all about the Chili sauce here.

It’s delicious when combined with everything else in this dish. Who knew vegan chicken rice can taste as good? #crf

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5 January 2021
This is the best vegan chicken rice I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite

a few! The flavours are on-point and the soup is so comforting.

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26 December 2019
the rice was really fragrant and went well with the chilli given!!

the mock chicken could haven been better tho. overall the look and smell resembled that of normal chicken rice :-)

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30 July 2019
Really easy to finish this 😋 I can understand why this is the signature dish

because though it is simply tofu skin, rice was fragrant #crf

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