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  • Thai chili cauliflower dippers
  • Thai chili cauliflower dippers

Thai chili cauliflower dippers

by Native Foods Cafe


4.69 (9)

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12 October 2020
The flavor on these is awesome, though it seems they have reduced the amount of

sauce. They’re a little bit dry and undercooked compared to how they were a few months ago. I like to throw them in the air fryer for a few minutes to get them crisped up...

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12 September 2020
These are usually so so so good but this time they really missed the mark.

There wasn’t much sauce on them so they were a bit bland and flavorless, and also they weren’t cooked long enough so the cauliflower was hard still.

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12 May 2020
These are usually great.

I got them to go so they ended up pretty soggy but I threw them in the air fryer. It helped a bit but not much.

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17 December 2020
Yummy fried cauliflower bits.

They need re-crisped in the air fryer otherwise they’re soggy when ordered to-go. Love the flavors. #veganin2020

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22 June 2020
I order these every single time I order from native.

The flavor is incredible. This time the florets were smaller than usual which made them easier to dip into the ranch provided and eat them. So crispy and perfect

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16 May 2020
Getting these to go they tend to be soggy but this time it was much

better. I threw them in the air fryer for a few minutes and they tasted just like getting them fresh!

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5 December 2020
These are so flavorful!

I always like to throw them in my air fryer for a few minutes since they get soggy when ordering to go. I love the combination of flavoring on the cauliflower combined with the crunch of the cabbage it’s served on plus the ranch dipping sauce. #veganin2020

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13 July 2020
This order was lacking in sauce and flavor.

The plus side is the cauliflower don’t get as soggy, though. Still tasty when dipped in the ranch.

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23 May 2020
So tasty!!

A little sweet, a little spicy, a little crunchy. Yum!! Probably mu favorite dish we ordered today at Native Foods

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